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Welcome to our sixth year to offer AP Psychology at Adolfo Camarillo High School.  This will be a journey of discovery and involvement.  You will have the opportunity to study one of the most fascinating subjects:  human behavior.  The course is divided into fourteen (14) learning units and are listed in the class syllabus attached below.  The fourteen learning units directly correlate to the AP College Board's outline for the course.

Be present.
    Be diligent.
        Be motivated.
            Be better.
                Be involved.
                     Be successful.
This site will continually be updated, revised and augmented.  It is your instructor's attempt to provide a wealth of information, resource and reference in one location. 
If you find a resource you feel could be added to this site, please email me and make your suggestion.  Additionally, any comments for suggestions that you feel would make this site more "user friendly" to you as a student, please kindly pass along.