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Expectation for attendance:

There are approximately 148 days in the year to cover 14 units of information, resources and for your translation into knowledge and understanding; approximately 25 weeks to cover the 14 topics.  Some have a slightly higher % of the multiple choice AP exam devoted to the area.  That will influence, slightly, the time we spend on each section.
Your attendance, reading of material, diligent preparation, attitude, and desire to succeed will directly correlate to your optimum success.  Attendance is the most critical part of class participation:  being present.  It will be a consideration in assessment of grading.

ACHS does have an attendance policy.  8 unresolved absences and/or 10 unresolved tardies may result in failure in the class and a grade of FA (failure due to attendance).  This should never be an issue.  Even if your absences are resolved, lack of attendance in class reduces your opportunity for success.  Be conscientious in your attendance.  Do your best to schedule doctor/dental/orthodontic appointments for a time other than school/class time.  Sometimes this is not possible, but establish a priority for school time and attendance.

When in class, pass attention.  Realize this is a college text and material is new.  There has not been a previous time you have studied psychology and the elements of human behavior that will be presented and covered.
PREPARE  diligently and conscientiously to do all that YOU can do to help yourself.  START EARLY, this is a college class of expectations, preparing you to successfully pass the AP test in May.  Your understanding, comprehension and desire to achieve are results from YOUR efforts and investment in study.

Vocabulary is a critical part of learning psychology.  Devise a personal system of acquiring comprehension and understanding of terminology.  There are excellent resources for study.  Quizlet is one of those that will allow individual study and review.  Use these often and consistently.
TRUST Mrs. Maygren to present materials and resources that will be for your benefit in understanding the topic sufficiently to develop academic confidence as you prepare for May 9, 2019
Based on the 2012 test takers at ACHS, there was an 84% pass rate.  That includes the scores of 3, 4 and 5.
A breakdown indicates the following number of students receiving each score:
5:  12
4:  24
3:   5

You may struggle in the first few tests.  Determine to do better and improve.  Evaluate what you did to prepare and either add, change or deepen your study.  Realize that this is a PROCESS.  It will improve with time and your individual increase in study skills.  Determine and evaluate continually to understand the learning and study process.  You are building blocks of study and learning, all to bring you to success on May 9 in taking the AP test.
As results become available, will post more results for your analysis.